Teensy++ based Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 firmware remake

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This is the P600FW project, a CPU/firmware remake for the SCI Prophet 600 (http://www.vintagesynth.com/sci/p600.php). It uses a slightly modified Teensy++ board (http://www.pjrc.com/store/teensypp_pins.html) that plugs into the Z80 socket.


Imogen's P600FW GitHub Imogen's improved P600FW with a user manual (in the "Releases" section)
My synthesizer blog (gliglisynth.blogspot.fr, my latest versions can be found there)
English forum (at www.gearslutz.com)
French forum (at forum.anafrog.com)

Installation and usage

See documentation PDFs...


  • Source code : GNU General Public License 3.0 (free software).
  • Binaries : Free for non commercial use (please contact me for commercial licensing). I (GliGli) do not endorse SequentialCircuits.com bundling this firmware with their modified Teensy++ 2.0 hardware.


  • Alpha 20130226 : First public version.
  • Beta 1.0 : First proper release.
  • Stable 2.0 :
    • New user interface (moved all the membrane keypad options to: hit a button once or twice / turn the "Speed" data knob).
    • New assigner (better priority system; unison track latch; disabling voices).
    • MIDI out / SysEx patch dumps.
    • Synchronizing the Arpeggiator to MIDI clock.
    • Unison detune.
    • Dedicated vibrato (independent from the LFO).
    • Automatic modulation after a delay.
    • Many bug fixes and tweaks.



Future improvements/fixes (aka. TODO list)

  • None. (2.1 RC3 is feature complete)


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