Teensy++ based Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 firmware remake

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This is the P600FW project, a CPU/firmware remake for the SCI Prophet 600 (http://www.vintagesynth.com/sci/p600.php). It uses a slightly modified Teensy++ board (http://www.pjrc.com/store/teensypp_pins.html) that plugs into the Z80 socket.


Imogen's P600FW Website Imogen's improved P600FW (v2022+) with a user manual
My synthesizer blog (gliglisynth.blogspot.fr, my latest versions can be found there)
English forum (at www.gearslutz.com)
French forum (at forum.anafrog.com)

Installation and usage

See documentation PDFs...


  • Source code : GNU General Public License 3.0 (free software).
  • Binaries : Free for non commercial use (please contact me for commercial licensing). I (GliGli) do not endorse SequentialCircuits.com bundling this firmware with their modified Teensy++ 2.0 hardware.


  • Alpha 20130226 : First public version.
  • Beta 1.0 : First proper release.
  • Stable 2.0 :
    • New user interface (moved all the membrane keypad options to: hit a button once or twice / turn the "Speed" data knob).
    • New assigner (better priority system; unison track latch; disabling voices).
    • MIDI out / SysEx patch dumps.
    • Synchronizing the Arpeggiator to MIDI clock.
    • Unison detune.
    • Dedicated vibrato (independent from the LFO).
    • Automatic modulation after a delay.
    • Many bug fixes and tweaks.
  • Version 2022 : now maintained by Imogen (see https://www.image-et-son.com/).




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