GliGli's TileMotion Live Demo

This demo decompresses GliGli's TileMotion video in your web browser. No data is sent to an external server.

Click on a GTM file to play the contents (source:

sintel_trailer_2k.gtm (47MB, 1080p, 1253 frames, 7.2 MBits/Sec)
sunflower_540p25.gtm (11MB, 540p, 500 frames, 4.3 MBits/Sec)
rush_field_cuts_540p.gtm (12MB, 540p, 570 frames, 5.2 MBits/Sec)
tractor_540p25.gtm (17MB, 540p, 690 frames, 4.8 MBits/Sec)
football_cif.gtm (1.6MB, CIF, 260 frames, 1.5 MBits/Sec)
city_cif.gtm (2.0MB, CIF, 300 frames, 1.6 MBits/Sec)
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